Endorsed by Sheriff John Anderson

“We support David Linn for District Attorney and encourage the residents of Madera County to vote for him on June 3rd.”

Madera County Deputy Sheriff’s Association
Chowchilla Police Officer’s Association
Madera County Correctional Officer’s Association

Welcome to my campaign web page, my name is David Linn and I’m running to be the next District Attorney in Madera County. The office of the District Attorney (DA) is a critical part of our criminal justice system, and I have the experience and ability to be an effective leader on day one. Without an effective District Attorney, the wheel of justice stops turning, our court system becomes clogged, and justice is not served. As a result, our streets and schools are not safe, and our brave law enforcement officers are not supported with timely prosecutions.

I have practiced law for 37 years and was encouraged to run for District Attorney by friends and colleagues in order to bring fresh and mature leadership to the District Attorney’s office after a series of law suits, settlements that have cost the County hundreds of thousands of dollars, Grand Jury investigations, mishandling of cases, and poor working conditions for the DA office staff. Since a change in leadership a few years back, too many of our seasoned prosecutors have left the DA’s office frustrated, and it’s a loss for Madera County. Now the current District Attorney is suing the people of Madera County to silence a report that is potentially critical of his management style.

I have served by country as a Naval Officer in a time of war, and will once again answer the call to serve the citizens of Madera County. I have been actively engaged in the community and contributed time and money in order to build a better Madera County. I promise to put the citizen, neighbor, and taxpayer first as your next District Attorney. I hope to have the opportunity to earn your support and vote.

Paid for by David Linn for Madera District Attorney